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"Over 60 million adults provide care for chronically ill, disabled or aged family members during any given year and spend an average of 20 hours per week caring for those loved ones.

Conflict! The Inner Struggle of Parenting Your Parents can be purchased as an ebook in epub and mobi format directly from my website or from the Amazon Kindle online store.

About Craig Wolters

Craig Wolters was born into a blue-collar family in the suburbs of Long Island. His youth was typified by a generation where family was an important factor in the social fabric of society. As a child, it was important for him and his family to eat meals together and do things as a family.

Craig can remember as a young boy his father having heart to heart conversations with him about matters such as right and wrong, black, white, and gray, and good versus evil. He also remembers his dad telling him the story of “The little train that could” and his words of encouragement that one could overcome tremendous obstacles if they remembered that little train and just had enough heart.

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Excerpts from Conflict!

I had my shoes off and pulled my feet up onto the chair so that I was huddled up in a ball. My brain was in neutral—something that rarely happens with me. Usually I have several issues I’m dealing with at once in my head, and when I’m taking a mental breather from one, I start thinking about the next one that has to be addressed. On this occasion, I had no particular fires to put out; I was just there, enjoying a rare state of calm.

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Are you a Caregiver?

Are you about to become a caregiver? Do you know someone who is or is about to become one? If you are or know of someone who is, you may be experiencing circumstances and feelings you never dreamed of.

There’s no manual for being a caregiver. Each person’s journey is a little different, but there are a lot common circumstances, which overlap from one caregiver to another. In “Conflict”, the author reveals how the following issues affected his life.

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